What Inspired the Pumpkin Gutter?

A common question that we are asked is what inspired the invention of the Pumpkin Gutter. Let’s face it, Evan is a power tool kind of guy. And he takes some friendly teasing as a result. One fateful Halloween, Evan decided he was going to impress those teasers by carving his pumpkin entirely with power tools. Here’s how his thought process went:

  • Cut off the top – recip saw
  • Eyes – spade bit
  • Mouth – jig saw
  • Remove innards – ?!?

The next thing I know, Evan’s out in the shop cutting slices off the end of a pipe, sharpening them and welding them to a shaft. Voila, instant power gut remover. (The original wasn’t quite as pretty as the one pictured below)

Pumpkin Gutter, pumpkin carving tool, Halloween

The Pumpkin Gutter made its debut that night to the amazement and delight of all involved. Not only did it remove the guts quickly but it thinned the walls and made carving so much easier. A few improvements and some packaging later and now anyone can dazzle their family and friends with power tool driven gut removal.

Thanks Evan and Happy Gutting!

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