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Simple Step-By-Step Instructions

Insert and tighten the Pumpkin Gutter shaft into your drill chuck, just like you would a drill bit.
Cut and remove the lid of the pumpkin.

With the drill on medium to high speed, insert the Pumpkin Gutter ball end into the pumpkin. Start near the opening and work you way down, lightly going over all interior surfaces to cut loose the seeds and strings.

Tip: strings may wrap round the Pumpkin Gutter shaft. With the drill off, simply remove the shaft from the drill and the guts will slide right off the end!

Occasionally turn off the drill and turn the pumpkin over to empty the loose seeds and strings.
Once the seeds and strings are removed, use the same process to thin the pumpkin walls for better carving results.
Get the whole family involved in the carving and the fun!