Pumpkin Gutters are available here (sold out for 2023)

and at many fine retailers and pumpkin patches

Pumpkin gutter retailers sales carving


Ace Hardware: at select local stores across the USA

Amazon.com:  www.amazon.com/Dakota-Products-Pumpkin-Gutter

The Caning Shop: Berkley, CA  www.caning.com

Karmin's Kitchen Table: www.kktable.com

Masterpiece Pumpkins:  www.masterpiecepumpkins.com

pumpkin patch carving halloween

Pumpkin Patches

Bayers Garden Shops: St. Louis and Imperial, MO

Family Christmas Tree Farm: El Cajon, CA

Jordan's Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Tree Lot: Meridian, ID

Linder Farms: Meridian, ID

Northern Lights Xmas Tree Farm: Pleasant Hill, OR

Sutters Ridge Family Farm: Mt Horeb, WI

Uesugi Farms: Gilroy, CA