A Pumpkin’s Perspective – Part 2

Hi, Spencer here with another behind-the-scenes look at a pumpkin’s life in the off season. I thought I should begin with a few words about cleanliness.

pumpkin, pumpkin carving, rubber duck

As a pumpkin, it is super important to do everything we can to keep mold and bacteria at bay. So far I have been lucky. I like to take regular baths with my rubber ducky, Tippy. No bubble bath in this picture, but I do love Mr. Bubble.


pumpkin mold, moldy, pumpkin preservation, pumpkin carving, pumpkin gutterPoor Charlie here wasn’t as fortunate. He was never one for baths or showers. He developed some nasty spots and ended up having to take early retirement. Sorry Charlie.



Little earth, international space station, Space X, pumpkin carvingWe have always tried to pitch in beyond our standard R&D duties, but Little Earth has been a great source of inspiration. We were all glued to the live video feed as Little Earth traveled to the International Space Station on the Space X Crew Dragon test flight. If that wasn’t cool enough, now Little Earth has been helping the astronauts all around the station.

pumpkin, anthropomorphize, pumpkin carving, electronics, Ugly's electrical reference

It has motivated me to help out in our manufacturing area. So far I have learned to operate the mill and the lathe. I have also been reading up about electronics and hope to take some coding classes. As you can see, safety is very important around here so I am sure to wear eye protection.


pumpkin carving, pumpkin gutting, pumpkinsAs much as I love working in the shop, my real passion is cooking. I have been watching videos by Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck and am currently perfecting my French mother sauces. I thought about trying baking desserts but pumpkin pie makes me nervous.


pumpkins, halloween, pumpkin gutting, pumpkin carving, the pumpkin gutter

My R&D duties are starting to heat up again. We are currently testing some new light designs that will transform the way people illuminate their Jack O Lanterns. Here I am with our lead lighting tester, Sonny Ray. Work is progressing well and we should be ready to introduce our new product this fall.

Thanks for reading my blog and just remember that you are never too little (or too orange) to achieve great things!

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