Be a Pumpkin Carving Superhero

I’ll never forget the first time Evan used his new Pumpkin Gutter invention. We were carving pumpkins with our friends Lonnie and Michelle. They were up to their elbows in guts and slime using a scoop when Evan fired up his cordless drill. At first, they laughed. But a minute later, when his hands were still clean and his pumpkin was completely gutted, they were getting in line to use this magical new tool.

Pumpkin Gutter, original, invention, idea
Evan’s original design sketch

Taking something that is tedious and turning it into something fun and fast that uses power tools – that is like having a superpower. Become a pumpkin carving superhero. Host a pumpkin carving party, let everyone start scooping, then bring out your Pumpkin Gutter and save the day.

pumpkin gutting, carving, halloween, Dracula costume, skeleton costume
Dracula as a Superhero?

Now you know how the Avengers feel. Even superheroes need to work on their skills – watch this quick instructional video to make sure you are a Hero, not a Zero!

Once you take the dread out of gutting, you will find yourself carving a few extra pumpkins, or getting that extra big pumpkin you used to avoid because scooping the guts would have taken forever.

If you are one of the folks who like to roast the pumpkin seeds, don’t worry. Using a Pumpkin Gutter does not damage the seeds – so roast away!

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