Pumpkin Carving Inspiration

Every now and then, my pumpkin carving creativity needs a boost. To inspire the pumpkin Picasso in you, I suggest checking out the works of experts like the gallery at Masterpiece Pumpkins. For something a little more wacky, I love the creativity of Tom Nardone who wrote the Extreme Pumpkins series of books. Here is a video full of ideas from Tom.

guacamole, puking pumpkin, pumpkin carving, halloween
Great way to serve guac

This is one idea we got from Tom that we use every Halloween to serve guacamole.

pumpkin gutting, spoon, carving, halloween
Not happy about using a spoon

The only problem with our version was the pumpkin was too small to use our Pumpkin Gutter and Evan had to resort to using a spoon. Notice the pout on his face.

If you are looking for more kid-friendly or crafty ideas, I like to go to Better Homes & Gardens website and search “pumpkins” or “pumpkin carving”.

Pumpkin carving, pumpkin diarama, halloween decorating
Cut the hole in the side

My current favorite carving idea from their site is the Pumpkin Diorama. Start by cutting a hole in the front of the pumpkin and gutting it through the opening. Once the pumpkin is cleaned out, create a spooky scene with things you purchase or make, like my pipe cleaner tree or a construction paper owl.

pumpkin carving, pumpkin diarama, halloween, creative ideas
Pipe cleaner tree with construction paper owl

The possibilities are endless. Just remember, real candles and paper don’t mix so use an LED candle to light your scene.

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