Gutless Pumpkins

Of course, we are hoping that you will want to gut your pumpkin using your Pumpkin Gutter, however there are some very clever ideas for decorating pumpkins that do not involve gutting them.

  1. Some people like to carve on the surface of the pumpkin without removing the guts. Some great examples are the Pumpkin Gutter Scott Cummins, large pumpkin guru Steve Dahlke, and Ray Villafane. Along with sculpting pumpkins, Ray created a set of products that look like pumpkin vines and are poseable arms and legs.
    pumpkin vine, pumpkin carving, pumpkin gutting, halloween
    Villafane Pumpkin Vine
  2. Paint is another great way to decorate the outside surface of your pumpkin, from solid colors to spots, stripes or faces. Here is a paint pouring technique I saw at BH&G that I can’t wait to try! Acrylic paints dry quickly and clean up is easy with soap and water.
    pumpkin decorating, pumpkin carving, halloween, poured paint pumpkin
    Poured paint technique
  3. One of the most innovative techniques I have seen uses a hair dryer to melt crayons down the sides of a pumpkin. It looks amazing on a white pumpkin. Lots of great how-to instructions are available on the web.
    melted crayon pumpkin, pumpkin carving, halloween
    Melted crayon pumpkin
  4. Armed with a low melt glue gun, some googly eyes or other assorted bling and you have the perfect orange canvas upon which to unleash your creativity. Time to get crazy!
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