Green is the New Orange…Pumpkin

This year, I set out to grow a very sincere pumpkin patch. I had visions of sitting like Linus on Halloween in the patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin’s arrival. Unfortunately, my vision will go unrealized as an early hard freeze put an end to my pumpkin patch plans. The calendar didn’t even say October and I was hustling to bring in all twenty-two of my precious pumpkins before they froze.

Pumpkins, gourds, squash

As I result, I made a very happy accidental discovery – green, unripe pumpkins are worth bringing in from the garden. First, they are really cool looking. Just look at the coloring on this guy. They look fantastic mixed with the orange pumpkins.
Green pumpkin
Second, pumpkins actually ripen once they are indoors. I had read somewhere that they stop ripening once the vine is dead, but it turns out that isn’t true. This pumpkin used to look exactly like his more greenish friend. After a few weeks indoors, barely a hint of green remains.
In the future, frost or not, I will be snagging some of my pumpkins while they are still green.
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