The “Perfect” Pumpkin

I was looking across my family of pumpkins considering the question, “What is the perfect pumpkin?” Dave Pearce of Papa’s Pumpkin Patch says “Every pumpkin becomes the perfect pumpkin for one child.”


pumpkin patch carving halloween

I couldn’t agree more. I love the green ones, the orange ones, the big ones, the teensy ones, the tall skinny ones, the short fat ones, the lay on their side ones, and the oddly shaped ones. I love them all, no matter what.

The key is to treasure their imperfections and unique features. When you work with the pumpkin instead of against it, you create something truly special. See how my brother Robert worked with these two giant oddly-shaped pumpkins to discover what they were always meant to be.

pumpkin carving, giant pumpkin, frog
pumpkin carving, giant pumpkin, alien
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